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Love the colorful particle aesthetic.  Here's a link to a machine-translated version of this page for anyone popping in from the bundle.


Solid experience, but not knowing the context made me feel that I experienced it wrong. You can improve it a lot by simply adding an English description to this page!


that's a great idea, Kasper! I'll get back to work on this project next month, and I'll put your suggestion on my to-do list (as well as in-experience subtitling)

If you need any help to do the translations I can volunteer! Sou brasileira também haha e tenho tempo livre de sobra e interesse em excesso.

Posso ajudar tbm. Reach me back if that is the case

bom dia! pra mim só está aparecendo uma tela preta, e deve ser minha culpa, já que eu não sou muito bom com isso. De qualquer forma, eu tenho um HTC Vive, e inicio o steamvr, mas o jogo não é exibido nos óculos, apenas o som, enquanto uma tela preta fica no meu monitor. No óculos eu continuo na sala do steamVR como se não tivesse inicializado nada.

No launcher, há a opção de exibir o jogo no meu monitor. não sei se deveria haver a opção de exibir no display do óculos.

opa! que estranho, devia estar funcionando bem. infelizmente não tenho acesso a um Vive agora, mas assim que puder testo novamente para ver se tem algo errado

Can't understand any of this but I'll try it in my Index.


it's Brazilian Portuguese! since an important part of the work are some oral testimonies, I kept the presentation in the original language as well. will probably have subtitles in the next version

let me know how it goes! I didn't have the opportunity to test it with an Index

Can we use it in something like Meshmaker? I think I recognize 3d captured textures in your screencaps like I would see in 3d scanning, I just can't do a VR headset other than my phone (Which if you can make a version for Android that doesn't require NFC would be awesome). I know it's not quite what you envisioned as an artist, but I just can't do a Vive or Oculous because of cost. 

no worries! you can browse and download the individual 3D models used in the piece at

I'm currently working on a more accessible version of it. I tried making a 360o video version before, but I couldn't get my machine to render stereoscopic frames in a good resolution


I can not see anything but a black window. I use Windows 10.
Music is amazing

that's weird! are you using a VR headset? it should work on both Vive and Oculus (through Steam VR)

glad you liked the music! it is (cc) Doxent Zsigmond and can be found here:


No. I have not any VR. Is it needed?

at the moment, yes - but I hope to make a non-headset version at some point